Entry into the party bus world

It’s been quite some time since i’ve been in a party bus as a customer.  Well this past weekend we took a limo from Naples Limo Service found here  www.napleslimo.org .  We took one of their party busses.  Let me tell you, this thing was incredible.  It was probably one of the hottest busses i’ve ever been in.

When we first got into limousines, there were maybe old crusty big vans we would use, tall sprinter vans, but nothing like the buses they have today.  They shouldn’t even call them buses.  They should call them exotic dance clubs onwheels.  The lights were so bright, the mirrors so fancy and the music was wild.  There were poles in the middle for dancing, hardwood floors and the stylish leather seats ruled.  It’s hard to call this thing a bus.

From the outside this thing looked like the type of bus that carries old people to and from the nursing home.  On the inside, pure dance club.  Bar none, the fanciest i’ve seen.

Next time you really want to start getting your dance on, you guys should def. rent a party bus.  They are like your normal limo times 10.  You’ll feel like you’re living on the top of the world.

Limo companies not calling back

Today I called for a limo in my local community.  I had a birthday party that i wanted to book for this limo event and so i started looking on google to find out what companies to call.  There were about 8 calls that i made to the different companies.  Each had pretty nice websites that i checked out.  Some were more local to my place and some were further, but i called all them just to check and see what they had to offer.

What i was totally baffled about was the fact that 75% of these companies woudn’t answer the phone!   Seriously, you offer a business and you dont asnwer your phone when somebody wants to give you their money?!  I gave them the benefit of the doubt and called back the next day only to have the not answer the phone.

Can you guess what happens?  Still no answer!  I did in fact get 2 to answer that didn’t answer the day before.  One company had a guy answer and he said “Hella???”  I said, “Hey man is this www.lamesabestlimousines.com ?”.  He said “what??”.  I said, “IS THIS THE LIMO COMPANY?  DO YOU RENT OUT LIMOS?”.  He says to me, “oh yeah, but nobody is here right now, so no limos now”.  I said ok thanks and hung up the phone.   Seriously?

The other companies that i called had huge long recordings to wait for the next available representative.  Man, just so frusterating.  I just hung up the phone right then.  It isnt’ like it used to be.

How to find the best limousine for your event

Finding the best limousines for your events are going to be pretty easy.  A lot of limo companies will really tell you to come and see the limos that they offer.  This allows you to see the money you spend on what type of bus you want.  There are many different types of limos they will offer.


Let’s talk about the insides. Towncars are some of the smallest limos you can rent.  Some call them limos, some call them towncars.  They are usually 4 doors, hold anywhere from 1-4 passengers, 4 being for passengers, one for the driver.  This leaves you with a very tight squeeze though.

The service that i’ve used in Northestern Pennsylania has a great selection of town cars if that is what you’re interested in.  You can find their site www.lamesabestplumbers.com .

The next size limo would be the typical stretch limousine.  These hold a larger amount of passengers and i’ve posted a picture blow.

White Stretch Limo


These are the ones most people think of when they talk about getting a limo.  They are usually seen at weddings, sporting events and you usually see celebrities roll out of these.  They are unique and nice inside.   Most lim0 companies will usually allow you to bring your own alcohol in these as they give the glasses, and ice.  These are great for childrens parties, bachelorette parties, and nights out.  You wont be disappointed with these.


In my next post i will talk about the larger SUV type limousines.  They offer more room, more height and are straight up more bad ass looking.

Let’s talk about these limos…

At first when i started thinking about investing in something as a teenager, I was always interested in going to the bank and throwing my money in there as if it was the only means to invest.  I tried getting it into bonds, i tried getting it into stocks and even some other junk.  From there i went on and i made the funniest investment, i invested in stamps.  What a waste of time.

So, lets zap forward a few minutes and finally, i got to investing in coins!

Coins you may say, well that’s an interesting thing.  Turns out, a penny is always worth a penny.  A nickel is always worth a nickle.  yes, yes, a quarter is alwayssss worth a quarter.  This may seem a valuable opportunity invest, but my friends, it surely isn’t.  I will soon tell you why.

If you buy a nickel and you let it sit for 20 years, it is still a nickel in 20 years!  Unfortunately, you made no profit!!

So what i did, is i started investing in limousines.  Yes, limo.  Let’s talk about limos.

Luxury Party Car Interior

I’d love to talk to you more about these limos right now, but unfortunately, it’s time to get something to eat.  I’m going to hold off on going to in depth in my first blog post, as i want you to come back to visit again.  I know you do!  You talk to you grandmother and she will tell you, listen to you grandmother, listen to you grandmother.  So that’s what i did.  Take that and stay tuned!!