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By | June 11, 2017

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Good Morning Everyone,

As predicted, Agro Capital Management Corp (ACMB) stock has been climbing. In one week (06/02 – 06/09) it went rose more than +35%!

There’s still time to jump on the train. Don’t miss this one!

Open your trading accounts and get ACMB up on the screen and ready to trade:

This is that moment when timing, action, and momentum all come into play to provide the best chance of making a substantial return on investment/trade.

If you’ve witnessed our track record and winning trades this year, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. And you’ll know how quickly these types of trades fly up the chart!

Points of Interest:

  • ACMB is principally engaged in aquaculture development in Malaysia. The core business is trading, exporting and production of aquaculture related products.
  • ACMB is also appointed as the management partner of several joint venture projects with the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Malaysia, to operate existing aquaculture infrastructure projects in Malaysia.
  • ACMB intend to expand into a fully-integrated aquaculture company in the future by having research and development, hatcheries, aquaculture feeds, grow-out operations, processing plant operations, seafood sales and marketing. This would also help to maximize on the economies of scale and put the company in an advantageous position to capitalize.


What does shrimp in Asia and or anything fish-farm related have anything to do with financial profit? We’ll tell you:

  • Studies have shown that in Asia alone, the consumption of freshwater fish amounted to 668 kg a day in 2007, and today the number is now 822.88, quoted in millions.

822.88 kg per day at roughly 5 dollars per ton is 4114.4

Multiplied by 365 days that’s over a hundred billion dollars a year.

  • The company has vended in an asset that they project could be worth over 60 million dollars that should allow them to corner at least 8% of that market to begin with.
  • That is the potential cash equivalent of 8 billion dollars. With a modest burn rate that could position the company much higher in trading price and volume.
  • The company has continued to break new 52 week highs, now at 0.78, with minimal to no exposure. Analysts expect a near-term target of several dollars pre-operation and should the company get up and running by Q2 2017 we are expecting a range substantially higher.
  • With a nearly no float available, we could see the perfect storm for ACMB to break more double digit trading levels .

Good Luck Trading

The Team

Company Profile:

Agro Capital Management Corp (“ACMB”) is a public limited company principally engaged in aquaculture development in Malaysia. Their core business is in the trading, exporting and production of aquaculture related products. Their vision is to be one of the leading producers and exporters of commercial aquaculture products within the Malaysian Aquaculture Industry. ACMB is committed to build sustainable business activities to meet local and overseas market demand for healthy aquaculture products.
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