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By | May 16, 2017
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Kootenay Zinc‘s position with respect to exploring a potential large-scale deposit is compelling. That coupled with the fact that they have a dream team in place – including management, geologists, and advisors -makes this compelling buy.

Zinc is NOW:

  • FACT: Zinc is the fourth most-used metal in industry, behind iron, aluminum, and copper.
  • FACT: The market for zinc is $34 billion per year, larger than silver ($18 billion), platinum ($8 billion) and molybdenum ($5 billion) combined.
  • FACT: Zinc is indispensable for many important industrial applications. It’s used to galvanize steel or iron to prevent rusting, and to manufacture specialized batteries. It’s also a crucial component of important alloys like brass.
  • FACT: Major zinc mines have been shutting down. China recently shut down 26 lead and zinc mines for environmental reasons. Ireland’s Lisheen Mine and Australia’s Century Mine have also shut down, reducing annual production by 630,000 tons.
  • FACT: China’s demand for zinc is growing even as it’s reducing supplies. In 2015, China consumed 47% of the world’s zinc as it continued building mega-cities, bridges, airports, and seaports at a frenetic pace.
  • FACT: Belgium-based Nyrstar, the world’s #1 zinc producer, has explored shutting down mining operations in an effort to deal with a burdensome debt load. If that were to happen, it would reduce supply even more.
  • FACT: Zinc stockpiles are plummeting. Warehouse levels are less than half of where they were in 2013.

And all of this has had predictable consequences…

  • FACT: Zinc prices are skyrocketing. This vitally important industrial metal began 2016 at $0.70 per pound, and ended the year at $1.04 per pound – a 48.5% increase in a single year. As 2017 began, zinc continued to move higher and is consistently above $1.20 per pound.

Soaring demand, combined with tight supply, means higher prices for zinc in the years ahead. But that doesn’t mean you should buy shares of just any zinc miner. In fact, in our combined 20+ years of experience with natural resource stocks, we estimate that only a small percentage of junior mining stocks deliver triple-digit returns for shareholders.


Kootenay Zinc Corp. [OTCQB: KTNNF / CSE: ZNK] isn’t well known – at least not yet.

But we predict it will soon become one of the most talked about natural resource stocks of our time. This not-yet-famous company has:

  • One of the most impressive lineups of geologists, executives, and consultants we’ve ever seen in our combined 20+ years of studying natural resource companies;
  • Sufficient capital to complete its exploration work;
  • Access to infrastructure (water, roads, electricity… even a nearby smelter);

And most importantly…

  • Preliminary data suggesting the company might find “the missing piece” of one of the largest zinc deposits the world has ever seen.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity…

Good Trading!

The Team

Company Profile:

Kootenay Zinc Corp. is a mineral exploration and development company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that is presently targeting the Sully Property. The Company is focused on discovering large-scale sedimentary-exhalative (“SEDEX“) deposits.

The Sully Property comprises 1,375 hectares located approximately 30 kilometres east of Kimberley, B.C., and overlies rocks of similar age and origin as those which host the world-class Sullivan deposit, owned by Teck Resources Ltd. Sullivan was discovered in 1892, and is known to be one of the largest SEDEX deposits in the world.

Recent Write-ups:
(NetworkNewswire.com – June 6, 2017) – The production, longevity, and riches are legendary; 337 million ounces of silver and more than 17 million tons of lead and zinc were produced during nearly a century of operation. Today’s value of the minerals taken is nearly $50 billion dollars. Put in perspective, the nine million tons of lead produced during its lifetime by the astonishing Sullivan Mine in British Columbia was enough lead to manufacture 500 million lead-acid batteries for automobiles, and the mine also produced enough zinc, eight million tons, to supply the zinc content in 160 million cars.

Underrated Metal Might Prove Most Bullish Investment for 2017
Gold and silver will always have their champions. Metals such as iron and cobalt tend to draw public attention because of their fair share of controversies about the strengths and flaws concerning their uses. However, one base metal that will finally get its long overdue and much-deserved prominence is also one of the industrial world’s most underrated minerals: zinc. Analysts, financiers, and investors forecast that zinc will maintain its robust position and steadily rise in price to become one of the more bullish investments in the market.

A Special Report About the Greatest Treasure Hunt of All Time
Over a billion years ago, a mineral treasure of unimaginable wealth was deposited at the bottom of the ancient sea that then covered western Canada. Part of this treasure trove was discovered in 1892. Now, three of the world’s top mining experts think they’ve found the rest.
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