Agro Capital Management ACMB

Our New Ticker is: ACMB Good Morning Everyone, As predicted, Agro Capital Management Corp (ACMB) stock has been climbing. In one week (06/02 – 06/09) it went rose more than +35%! There’s still time to jump on the train. Don’t miss this one! Open your trading accounts and get ACMB up on the screen and ready to trade: This is… Read More »

Sunstock, Inc. (SSOK)

The Only Stock to Own This Week…   **Breaking News…Our New Ticker is Sunstock, Inc. (SSOK)** We’ve sifted through the top 10 trades this week and come up with our best trade idea, that you should seriously consider owning today. Fact- If you traded all our symbols this year, you could have returned on average… Read More »

3D Signatures (TSXV:DXD) (OTCQB:TDSGF) (FSE:3D0)

Potential Massive Breakout for DXD! Good Morning Everyone, We’d like to call your attention to 3D Signatures, Inc. (TSXV:DXD) (OTCQB:TDSGF) (FSE:3D0). They are getting ready for a Potential Massive Breakout! 3D Signatures, Inc. (DXD) is a personalized medicine company which is poised to REVOLUTIONIZE THE DIAGNOSTICS AND TREATMENT FOR CANCERS AND NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS.   POINTS… Read More »

Kootenay Zinc Corp

Our New Ticker is: OTCQB: KTNNF / CSE: ZNK Good Morning Everyone, Open your trading accounts and get KTNNF (US) / ZNK (Canada) up on the screen and ready to trade: Shareholders of Kootenay Zinc Corp. could enjoy a phenomenal payday soon! Investors seeking exposure to the red-hot zinc sector may wish to take a closer look: Kootenay Zinc‘s position with respect… Read More »

Zinc: Underrated Metal a Bullish Investment

Gold and silver will always have their champions. Metals such as iron and cobalt tend to draw public attention because of their fair share of controversies about the strengths and flaws concerning their uses. However, one base metal that will finally get its long overdue and much-deserved prominence is also one of the industrial world’s… Read More »

Zinc: Greatest Treasure Hunt of Our Time

Over a billion years ago, a mineral treasure of unimaginable wealth was deposited at the bottom of the ancient sea that then covered western Canada. Part of this treasure trove was discovered in 1892. Now, three of the world’s top mining experts think they’ve found the rest. If they’re right, shareholders of Kootenay Zinc Corp.… Read More »

CARA Therapeutics

Our New Ticker is: CARA Good Morning Everyone,Should you be considering Cara Therapeutics? We think so! Here’s why…CARA stock has recently dropped in price, but there’s a good reason. Cara Therapeutics sold more than 5.1 million shares through a public offering in April. The shares tumbled on this dilution – which isn’t great news for current stockholders… Read More »

SLAB Exceeds Expectations

Our New Ticker is: SLAB Good Morning Everyone,SLAB has exceeded expectations for the fourth consecutive quarter…Let’s take a look at what happened with Silicon Labs this quarter: Excluding items like stock-based compensation and acquisition costs, net income was $27.3 million, or $0.63 per share, up from adjusted net income of $0.36 per share in last year’s… Read More »